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TheoryPal question for the DVSA theory t

The easiest way to pass your driving theory test

How TheoryPal works

The easiest way to pass the DVSA theory test for car drivers. TheoryPal teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know on the driving theory test.

Video courses

Short videos teach you the entire curriculum, topic by topic. A quiz after each topic check that you have learned what you need.

✓ Multiple-choice test

All the same type of questions you will face on the DVSA test. Explanations make it easy to learn why your answer was right or wrong.

Video case studies

Similar to the video case studies on the DVSA test.

Hazard perception test

All the scenarios you will face on the DVSA test.


✓ Track your progress

See when you have enough knowledge to pass. When the app says you are going to pass, you will pass with ease.

About the DVSA theory test

The DVSA theory test is divided into two parts - a multiple-choice questions test and a hazard perception test. You must pass both sections to pass the test.


Multiple-choice test

◦ 50 questions.
◦ 43 correct to pass.
◦ 5 questions are linked to a video case study.


Hazard perception test

An interactive video test. You have to click when you spot a developing hazard that causes the driver to take action.

◦ 14 videos.
◦ 15 hazards in total.
◦ 0-5 point score per hazard.
◦ 44 points to pass.

  • I have switched from iPhone to Android (or conversely). How can I regain access to TheoryPal?
    1) Contact our support on Facebook Messenger or email ( 2) Tell us this in your message: • If you previously have bought on iPhone or Android. • If your new phone is an iPhone or Android. 3) Send us the receipt for your purchase of TheoryPal. You have received the receipt by email when you bought your subscription in the app. • If you bought on iPhone, the email have been sent from Apple. • If you bought on Android, the email have been sent from Android. Follow these steps carefully, and our support will help you regain your access.
  • Is App Store family sharing supported for the TheoryPal subscriptions?
    No, the subscriptions in TheoryPal is only valid for the user that buys it.

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